April 7 May - A successful relaunch & exciting Art Week

What a busy time we've had, a bit of an adventure really with two major events happening. Our first all inclusive Art Week on the Island of Carna and a refit and massive overhaul of Laurenca's engine and gear box.
As always the maintenance work and repairs to Laurenca's engine weren't straight forward and as one job was completed another became obvious and the whole thing took way longer than anticipated, though doesn't it always!
Laurenca gear box
The gear box was repaired and refurbished including a smart new lick of paint but help was needed to move the gear box out of the workshop to reattach to the boat engine.
replacing the gear box
Here you can see the gear box (painted white) being held up by Liam's forklift whilst Andy and Barnaby line it up with Laurenca" engine.
and finally the engine is placed back on it's (new) mountings below decks on Laurenca. Ready for MCA safety inspection (passed :) ) and launching!
It's lovely to see her motoring smoothly across the loch once more after a day out wildlife watching.whale watching
Our Art Week on Carna was a huge success mainly thanks to the lovely people who joined us. We were a small group and I did think about cancelling the week but I am so glad that we didn't. The whole experience was amazing. Our guests for the week Neil, Ann and Maggie were great fun, full of enthusiasm and fabulous artists as well! We all felt richer for our time on the island and that we had made good friends.
These are two of Ann's painting but I do apologise for the quality of the photographs, they are even better in real life. :)
Anns painting CarnaAnn
My paintings weren't quite to the same standard but here's a sample, my only excuse (apart from not being very good) is that I was cooking and cleaning as well ;)
Maggie Large is a wonderful artist and tutor, please have a look at her website here. As Maggie put it "The space around you on Carna allows you to find that important space within your own head"
Art course Carna 2
Carna is definitely the perfect venue for a painting holiday. Here you are surrounded by inspiration, amazing light and wildlife.
The Loch Sunart langoustines and Carna venison certainly went down a treat as well with a nice glass of wine after a day painting. We had one day off the island and went to Castle Tioram which is a beautiful place so don't be put off by my effort at painting it ;) BTW I still haven't finshed it............
Castle Tioram watercolour
We already have had enquiries for next year and are planning running more next April. I think it may be good fun to get different tutors in covering different mediums and specialities. It would be great to hear from anyone who has an interest so that a) we can let you know when we are organised and especially b) what you would like to cover on an Art week on Carna.Barry Herniman on Carna
A big "Thank you" to Barry Herniman for his artistic input! Barry is hoping to exhibit some of his Carna paintings at Resipole Studios so watch this space as they say!