Changeover day & a rescue

Saturdays are always busy here. The team arrive early to get everything ready to take to Carna then off we go in Laurenca over to the island. Michelle and Kim head to the two houses with clean linen and cleaning gear while Andy and Billy bring the departing guests back to the mainland to start their journey home.

Andy and Billy then usually return to Carna to cut grass, service the generator, take fuel over and do all the general tasks needed for day to day living on an island. Today the routine was disturbed whan a call came in that a creel boat had broken down near the island of Risga in Loch Sunart. Andy and Billy downed tools and towed the vessel to safety at Salen. All in a days work, disaster averted.

Meanwhile today I was busy cutting our grass and three times I disturbed Slow Worms, fortunately without hurting one. This chap was in the compost munching on a worm!

It's evening now and the next guests are safely installed and I'm off to cook supper, Loch Sunart langustines........yummy!