Guest review

A guest review from a recent wildlife / Tobermory trip with our partners Ardnamurchan Charters.

"Have just comeback from a holiday in Ardnamurchan and have to say my highlight was the Tobermory trip with Ardnamurchan charters! The experience was extremely p
ersonal as we were able to get our questions about local wildlife answered and the guide was extremely knowledgeable on where to stop the boat so we could see a range of wildlife both on the way to and way back from Tobermory, the two hours in Tobermory was also perfect timing to wonder around the shops, visit the aquarium and stop for some lunch! On the holiday we did a tour with a larger company and have to say it didn't compare to the experience with Ardnamurchan charters! Unfortunately the whale watching was cancelled due to bad weather but when we next holiday there I will be booking the whale watching again as I have no doubt the personal experience will be invaluable when whale watching, rather than booking with a larger company!"