Showers and sunny spells

It couldn't have been any wetter early this morning with the rain coming down in bucket loads. Gradually the clouds cleared, the rain dried up and the sun came out.
Changeover day on the island of Carna, Michelle and Karen trundled through rain churning up the ground as they pulled along the bright pink trolley with the kit. As Michelle says "It's a unique experience!" I think she had her tongue in her cheek as she said it...
Cottages all clean and welcoming for the new guests arriving, the sun was shining, a perfect start to a holiday in one of the most beautiful locations in the UK.
Andy meanwhile was bringing the families leaving Carna back to Laga to start their journey home and meeting a family heading out on a wildlife trip. After the wet start a fantastic time was had by all with lovely sightings of otters and seals. No eagles today, but Arctic Terns and lots of other sea birds and a glimpse of porpoises as we crossed the loch.
Home this evening ready for supper after a satisfy but hard day.