Stormy skies over Laga Bay

Whilst it's been a lovely sunny day today we've had some very changeable weather this summer to say the least!
But one advantage of "weather" is the fantastic light and cloud formations that happen. This sky and cloud came over the loch last week and was beautiful and fascinating to watch as the colours shifted and moved.
An hour or two later the sun was back out for a wee while again!
It's out on our Charter boat Laurenca tomorrow heading towards the Cairns of Coll and visiting the island of Muck. Hopefully we'll have some good sightings of Minke whales, dolphins and porpoises and hopefully we'll also see some Basking Sharks. Follow the link below to see some underwater footage shot last year with the GoPro camera whilst out on a whale and wildlife watch day. It's best watched on HD. The interesting thing is that until we saw under the water we were totally unaware of just how many of these huge sharks there were swimming and feeding round the boat. Although they are sharks and the biggest fish in the northern hemisphere they are plankton feeders so no threat to either us or other wildlife.