Woodland weekend

It was lovely at the weekend to get out in the woods at Laga Bay. With the sea and sky in the back ground the winter outlines and colours can be beautiful and to spend time sitting in the woods in such beautiful surroundings indulging in a bit of watercolour painting is great fun.
Although I'll never be picasso it doesn't stop me having a bit of "me" time and playing with paints! Sunday was also great fun. We had a nice walk through the woods and along the river at Strontian followed by a visit to the Strontian Hotel where I enjoyed a very nice G&T in good company with lots of interesting craic (Andy was driving)
The woods at Strontian, Ariundle Oakwoods are really quite amazing. The mosses ferns and lichens are clearly seen in winter.
It was also great to see the days are getting that wee bit longer, spring is coming!